суббота, 21 ноября 2009 г.

Blogs of the week

 I want to tell you about a few blogs, for me they are new, although many of you already familiar with them. in any case, blogs are owned by the beautiful and talented girls! style and fashion, eclectic mix. Bravo!

First blog belongs to the South Korean girl that has European-refined and eclectic style - Park & Cube .I Love her divine photos...

A second blog belongs to Sophia from Boston - Phosphene . Appearance ... Pure porcelain skin, Asian, with long beautiful hair ... (as an artist I would say that I inspire elegancy "pure" Asians and their hair, which seemed black thread ... on Madonna ... it's just gorgeous. they are my muse!).. moreover, Sofia has a hell of a sharp style, bright and alive and she is very talanted! Check it!

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